Tuition & Fees

Registration fees and tuition are pro-rated according to the date of enrollment.  We arrange lessons for all instrumental/vocal genres, classical ballet, creative dance, and Musikgarten pre-school programs.  All ages and levels are welcome!


During the academic year, instruction and billing are organized around two 18-week semesters and a summer session.  The summer session is customized for each family, according to their vacation plans.

Payment is by check (payable to Carol Pharo, or to The Academy of the Performing Arts), bank transfer, or by cash. We do not accept credit cards.

Cancellations for private lessons are always made-up or credited, providing the teacher has been appropriately informed.

Annual registration fee (from August)

  • $35 (first family member)
  • $25 (second family member)
  • No charge for additional family members
  • No charge for group instruction

Pro-rated fees:

  • From January:  $25/$15
  • From June: $10/$5

Tuition for Private Instruction:

30-min lessons ($27.50 each): 18-week semester x $27.50 = $495.00
45-min lessons ($41.25 each): 18-week semester x $41.25 = $742.50
60-min lessons ($55 each): 18-week semester x $55.00 = $990.00

Tuition for Group Instruction:

30/45-min lessons ($10.00 each): 15-18-week semester x $10.00 = $150.00-$180.00

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Voice, Recorder, Guitar, Ballet, Creative Dance, & More!

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